Blumenbachia multifida Hook. f.

Bot. Mag. Vol.64 3599 Año:1837
Sinónimo de: Blumenbachia insignis
Tipos:"This new Blumenbachia was first detected by the late Dr. Gillies at Buenos Ayres, and I noticed his specimens, preserved in my Herbarium under the description of. Bl. insignis at t. 2865 of this work. Since that discovery Mr Tweedie has gathered the same plant in the Pampas of Buenos Ayres, and seeds from him have been raised in the Glasgow Botanic Garden." Uruguay. Montevideo, J. Tweedie s.n. [Herb. Gl.] (lectotipo, K 000372908, designado como "holotype" por M.Weigend, Sendtnera 4: 209. 1997).
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