Gentiana prostrata Haenke var. americana Engelm.

Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis Vol.2 Pag.217, pl. 9, f. 10-15 Año:1863
Sinónimo de: Gentiana prostrata
Tipos:SINTIPOS. "On Mount Flora and other alpine peaks of the Snowy Range, Colorado, Parry, No. 306; Hall & Harbour, No. 475; Russian Arctic America [Alaska], Chamisso in Herb. Gray." C. C. Parry 306 (GH 00022100, MO-256038 [fragmento], WISv0256019WIS [fragmento], YU 065651). E. Hall & J. P. Harbour 475 (GH 00589903, MO-256037, PH 00025606, YU 065649, YU 065652). L. A. von Chamisso s.n. (GH 00091018).