Mandevilla suaveolens Lindl.

Edwards's Bot. Reg. Vol.26 7 Año:1840
Sinónimo de: Mandevilla laxa
Tipos:SINTIPOS. "This new climber was sent from Buenos Ayres, by H. J. Mandeville, Esq., H. M. Minister at that place, to the Hon. W. F. Strangways, by whom seeds were presented to the Horticultural Society. It had been collected by Mr. Tweedy, and sent home under the name of the Chile Jasmine." J. Tweedie s.n. (K 000582895; probables tipos, K 000582896, K 000582897). 1840, Hort. Soc. Hort. London s.n. (K 000857997).
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