Brachylepis candolleana Hook. & Arn.

J. Bot. (Hooker) Vol.1(4) Pag.291 Año:1835
Sinónimo de: Philibertia candolleana
Tipos:SINTIPOS. Argentina. Prov. Mendoza. "On bushes and trees in the valleys and uncultivated places in the province of Mendoza. Along the fort of Ceno Grande, Uspallata. Dr. Gillies." 31 Ene 1825, J. Gillies s.n. (E 00259772, K 000196707, K 000196708). Mendoza. Hill above baths of Villavicenzio, 15 Nov 1822, J. Gillies s.n. (E 00621904, P04224603).
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